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If you can't go to the beach, let the beach come to you. Spice up your look with fashionable bikini styles, urban-city look and waterproof jewellery. Dive into the trend with a summer hat on.
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Beach vibes, trend article by dansk Copenhagen, model image

One thing which we really missed during the last couple of years is travelling to far-flung places, and it seems that this will still be the case. But in 2022 fashion will certainly help us to escape to the most beautiful beaches where worries are non-existent, and life is fun, easy and laidback. 

Beach vibes, trend article by Dansk Copenhagen, model image

Voluminous silhouettes in soft cotton and knit, crinkled textures, beachcomber styles for the eco-conscious explorer or the digital nomad. If real travel is not possible, we will simply bring the beach to the city with bikinis and swimwear mixed with urban city looks. We’ll see a lot of references to nature like floral and botanical prints. Staycation is the new “thing” – exploring your nearby city or countryside like was it for the first time. Ribbons, layering clothes, loose fits and oversize dresses will make the day. Last but not least remember a nice hat, to shadow when the sun comes. 

Beach vibes, trend article at Dansk Copenhagen, model images

The jewellery we would love to wear together with beach style is a major favourite of the season:waterproof essentials– or just the new go-to jewellery. You can swim, sweat and sleep with the jewellery and they won’t tarnish even after days by the beach. Our waterproof jewellery is produced with a special IP coating that ensures that the durability of your jewellery is extremely strong and protects your jewellery from sweat, water and scratches.Shop our waterproof jewellery that can withstand water, sweat and perfume. They are produced from 316L stainless steel of which 40% is recycled.

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