Dopamine dressing, trend article from Dansk Copenhagen
Pink is one of the big colour trends in 2022. Be inspired of what to wear this season and what jewellery you can combine with. The brighter, the better. 
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Accessories by Dansk Copenhagen. Scarves in beautiful colours


Dopamine dressing refers to the idea of colours as a way of enhancing our mood. Chromotherapy or colour therapy dates to ancient Egypt and has long been of interest to interior and environmental designers. For the last couple of years, colours have been on the rise in fashion. Surrounding ourselves with colours can give hope and help us dream of better days which are to come once we are on the other side of the pandemic.

Think Pink


... And every other day. Because who does not love pink? Express your personal style with colourful jewellery from our Cecil Quartz series and experience the joy today.

PINK is the ultimate colour of joy. And that’s exactly what we would love to express. We are longing for happiness and fun and for sure this colour will lift everyone’s mood. Let’s be bold, feminine, show who we are and embrace happiness. Fuchsia will lift all spirits in 2022! Mix it with other bold and expressive colours like orange and red for an individual look. WE LOVE IT.

Create wow factor with pink. Trends by Dansk Copenhagen

Create WOW factor with Pink

Use body-empowering pieces like bra tops, bandeaus, and cut-outs for a summerly look, and long soft coats and quilted jackets for winter seasons. The jewellery that will match expressive colours are cool, chunky chains and big, statement hoops particularly gold toned jewellery. Want to be bold then check out our Cecil Quartz-series in bright pink nuances for warmer, optimistic days.

Create WOW
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