Gift guide

Gift guide

Looking for the perfect gift? Don't look any further - we got your back. Get inspiration here, and see our gift guide with jewellery under €40 and €60! 💝

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Gifts for any occasion - and for everyone

Do you not know what to buy? Don't worry - we've got your back. Find timeless, always on jewellery and gifts in every price range for every occasion, even our waterproof jewellery – everything you need to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Find the perfect gift


Here you can get inspiration for which timeless jewellery styles, that you can get for under €40. Discover among our beautiful and timeless pieces, and find the perfect gift for your girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter or grandmother. Or maybe yourself? On this budget you will jewellery made from both stainless steel and brass, both plated with either 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium, 18 carat Gold or 14 carat Gold.

Shop under €40


Find a jewellery gift for someone to celebrate that will last forever. It can be a letter pendant that symbolizes a name, or a jewellery you just know is perfect for the person. Our waterproof jewellery is for everyone. A piece of jewellery that you never have to take off, and it lasts forever -

Bonusinfo: It’s made from 40% recycled stainless steel.

Find the long-lasting gift


Regardless of whether you are looking for statement jewellery or more timeless and simple items, we have a wide selection of jewellery in all price ranges. We have gathered all of our jewellery under €60 here, so it is easy for you to find the perfect gift for every occasion.

Shop under €60