Multi-styleable jewellery designs by Dansk Copenhagen

Multi-Styleable Designs

For Malene Storm, the designer of Dansk Copenhagen, each piece of jewellery in addition to having an aesthetic Danish design, also have a functionality that is based on her upbringing. With a childhood formed by modest conditions, she quickly learned to appreciate the versatility and functionality of her clothes, make-up, and her jewellery. From here came the inspiration to design jewellery with several features that can be combined and used in different ways. It makes it possible to create your very own expression, whether you prefer big statement jewellery, feminine pearls, or minimalist designs.

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Adjustable Necklaces

With an adjustable chain from Dansk Copenhagen, you only need one necklace, as you can adjust the length of the necklace to always fit your outfit perfectly. Whether you prefer short, medium or long lengthened chains, we guarantee that our necklaces will suit your style. The styling that fits your neckline perfectly is easily achieved with lengths from 30 to 100 cm.

Customizable Necklaces

Each design consists of two necklaces connected by our innovative multi clasp which allows you to create three looks with just one necklace. Smart, right?

Mix and match with other designs from the customizable collection and achieve 11 styling options with just 2 necklaces.

multi-purpose necklaces by Dansk Copenhagen

Multi-purpose Necklaces

Find your new favorite necklace that is functional and will complement any style. The flexible lock makes it possible for the chains to be worn short, long or anywhere in between to achieve several styling options. Browse our multi-purpose chains here and discover how you effortlessly can create different looks with simply one jewellery piece.

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  • Pre-layered necklaces by Dansk Copenhagen


    Pre-layered necklaces

    Our pre-layerede chains secure that your necklaces never tangle. Some designs feature a slider clasp and can be adjusted from 30-100 cm, while others has a lobster clasp with a lenght of 36-42 cm, so it always fits your neckline. They are designed as a pre-layered jewellery piece, which enables effortless necklace layering with just one piece of jewellery.

  • 2-in-1 necklaces by Dansk Copenhagen

    2-in-1 Necklace

    2in1 flexible designed set of 2 individual jewellery pieces with seperate clasps..- You can style them one by one or together for a layered look

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