Necklace layering by Dansk Copenhagen

We will guide you through one of the biggest jewellery trends of all time: necklace layering. With a few necklaces, effortlessly upgrade your look, whether you want to add a chic element to the summer dress or warm winter sweater. The key to mastering the layered look is to create chains contrasts, where different platings, designs and lengths are combined.

Effortlessly create your personal layered look with three golden tips:

1. Different lengths are key
2. Mix and match textures
3. Use your favourite piece as a starting point

  • Necklace layering by Dansk Copenhagen

    We have made it uncomplicated for you to achieve a layered look with our pre-layered necklaces in a contrast-filled design that consists of two to four chains in one necklace. We have accommodated the length of each chain so that you always achieve a harmonious layered expression.

  • Necklace layering by Dansk Copenhagen, flat lay

    . Even when you move the slider clasp on our adjustable chains, you will maintain the perfect necklace layering look. Most of our adjustable necklaces can be worn short, medium or long from 30-100 cm. Add one of your own chains and give your outfit a personal touch.

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