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And just like that ... Fashion from the 00s is back. Revive the Y2K trend with bodycon dresses, biker jackets and heart-shaped chains.
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Y2K fashion, Trend article by Dansk Copenhagen

What is Y2K?

Y2K is the shorthand term for ”the year 2000.” And in 22 we’ll see a lot of references to both the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. In an uncertain time, we turn to the past to understand the present. We look back on the ”good old days” which for many may just be the time right before the pandemic. A time when the analog was the normal, where life was more carefree and where information was something, one sought out and was not bombarded with. In these times of information clutter, we are in search of transparency.

And this holds true for fashion as well

Sheer fabrics and are everywhere together with tulle, corsets, and biker jackets. Fashion reminder of Sex and the city which is now rolled out at HBO – And just like that. Looking back into the past, the good old times, helps us anchor in the present and feel grounded. In particularly 90s inspiration will have a big attraction with its hints to clubwear, body con dresses and jumpsuits, sexy cut outs and asymmetric necklines. Reveal to conceal in moody black and white combinations, but also fun bright colors.

  • Y2K fashion
  • Y2K fashion
Y2K fashion; statement jewellery and glitter pieces

And just like that.....

The jewellery fitted to this trend is all about chunky statement pieces and glitter pieces. Stand out with our waterproof Lily series with crystals or our Shimmer series adorned by clear cubic zirconia stones. If you want to transcend into a 90’s look, try our Bella series with cute heart-shaped pieces.


The jewellery from the Lily series is decorated with clear cubic zirconia stones in a timeless design that is perfect for a night out in perfect combination with a Chunky chain. Be free and dance all night - the jewellery can withstand water, sweat and perfume.


Let yourself be seduced by pearly jewellery that goes perfectly with cut-out sweaters or tight-fitting black & white combinations.

  • Y2K fashion
  • Y2K fashion
  • Y2K fashion
  • Y2K fashion

    You probably know the classic heart-shaped jewellery, perhaps from a friend necklace when you were younger? Experience the nostalgia with our Bella series, where it's all about love.

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