Adjustable necklaces by Dansk Copenhagen

Adjustable Necklaces

Have you found the perfect necklace, but then the length is not well-matched to your clothes? With an adjustable chain from Dansk Copenhagen, you only need one necklace, as you can adjust the length of the necklace to always fits your outfit perfectly. Whether you prefer short-or long lengthened chains, we guarantee that you will find a necklace that suits your style. The necklaces can be worn with a V-Neck blouse, turtleneck sweater, or a dress with a low-cut back. We here give you the opportunity to utilize the great potential of our necklaces and essentially acquire the most out of your jewellery. Most chains can be adjusted from 30-100 cm.  

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Adjustable necklace from Dansk Copenhagen. Back adjustment.

Adjust with our Slider Clasp

To assist you completing your look for any occasion, our adjustable slider clasp will be your new best friend. The classy and simple clasp ensures that you can always use your favourite necklace for any of your outfits. Each length offers a new and unique look, where the chain is adapted to you and your unique style. The chain clasp is dainty and discreet, so it can easily be hidden under your shirt or fully displayed in a bare back or low-cut dress. Our necklaces are set with the slider clasp to give you infinite possibilities for personal styling to make sure that you are never limited by the length of the necklace. Create your unique style today.

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