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Confirmation 2023

Jewellery is the perfect option for this year’s confirmation gifts! Whether you are getting confirmed yourself or looking for a personal gift that will serve as a great memory from the special day, you can find inspiration for the perfect confirmation jewellery here.
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Jewellery ideas to highlight your confirmation dress

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The Story of Confirmation in Denmark

Dansk Copenhagen I Multi-Styleable Jewellery since 1971
Dansk Copenhagen I Multi-Styleable Jewellery since 1971
  • Ideas for Confirmation gift

    When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a loved one for their confirmation, jewellery is always a winning option to make them feel special. Imagine their delight when they open up an elegant, jewelled bracelet made of dazzling gold or silver! There are plenty of different designs and style to choose from, so your gift can select something which truly reflects their personality and tastes. Let them know you care and wish them all the best on their important day with this meaningful jewellery gift.

  • Confirmation – necklace

    If jewellery is the way to someone's heart, then a trendy confirmation gift might be a beautiful jewellery box containing a stylish necklace. It could either feature a meaningful keepsake or an item designed to make the recipient feel extra special on their big day. Either way, jewellery as a present always radiates with emotion and joy. Furthermore, jewellery pieces can be cherished for many years and even then passed down to loved ones in the future.

  • Confirmation - bracelet

    For a trendy confirmation gift, jewellery is always a great choice. If you want something that shows your appreciation for the special occasion but isn't too out there, look no further than an elegantly designed bracelet. You can find plenty of pieces to choose from that reflect their personality and style, guaranteeing lasting sentimentality. A jewellery piece will serve as a reminder of this special day for many years to come.

  • The story of Confirmation

    Confirmation in Denmark is a religious rite of passage for young people, typically between the ages of 12 and 16. It is a traditional Christian ceremony that symbolizes the confirmation of one's faith and the acceptance of responsibilities as a member of the church. During the ceremony, the confirmands typically renew their baptismal vows, receive communion, and are confirmed by a bishop or pastor. In Denmark, Confirmation is considered an important part of growing up and a time for young people to reflect on their beliefs and make a personal commitment to their faith. The ceremony is often followed by a celebration with friends and family. Confirmation remains a significant tradition in Danish culture and is celebrated by many Danish communities both in Denmark and abroad.

  • Dansk Copenhagen I Multi-Styleable Jewellery since 1971

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