Customizable jewellery by Dansk Copenhagen

Customizable Jewellery

It is all about the feeling of freedom to style it your way.
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Customizable jewellery by Dansk Copenhagen. Multi-clasp that allows for multiple styling options.

Why we love customizable jewellery

Our customizable jewellery allows you to be creative! Effortless necklace layering is now easier than ever to achieve. The versatile multi-clasp lets you be innovative and inventive for a unique styling. If you buy two customizable necklaces, you will have 4 chains to mix and match and no less than 11 styling options. Smart, right?

  • Customizable necklaces by Dansk Copenhagen; layer of 3 necklaces
  • Customizable necklaces by Dansk Copenhagen; one layer look
  • Customizable necklaces by Dansk Copenhagen; 2 layered look
With customizable necklaces by Dansk Copenhagen you will always have endless styling opportunities

Endless opportunities

Our collections will always feature exciting jewellery items that offer countless styling options for a unique and individualised expression. Essentially, with just one piece of jewellery, you can create several different looks. With our customizable jewellery we embrace the beautiful differences of women's shapes and sizes while empowering them to truly express themselves.

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