Into the metaverse, trend article from Dansk Copenhagen


From metallic couture to chic sci-fi silhouettes, these fascinating futuristic styles are helping to challenge the fashion scene and trends for 2022.
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There has been a lot of talk of the metaverse, since Mark Zuckerberg betted Facebook’s future on it. It will combine our physical and digital world even more and together in gaming and in game shopping. It is the ultimate escapism into another reality. An online reality, where we choose our avatar and can be how we want to be and do whatever we feel like – almost.

This ultimate fantasy does also reflect in the fashion of 2022, with lots of futuristic inspired shapes, volumes inspired by game characters from Fortnite or movies like Moonfall, Black Panther and by December 2022 Avatar 2. We will see metallic textures, new material innovations, recycled materials and biomaterials. Lots of shimmer and shine, glammed-out rhinestone excess and mesh as second skin. Knee long boots. plateaus and cat suites are mandatory. Shoulders, neck and waist will be in focus.

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