Sensual draping, trend article from Dansk Copenhagen


Do you love the look of a Greek goddess? Then this trend is for you. The flowing, sensual look has taken its place as one of 2022 fashion trends. Read more here.
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Sensual draping, trend article, model image

In the past year and during lockdowns, where life was very much restricted to our homes and the computer as a mean to work and connect, we missed human connection, hugs, and touch. We are longing for meetings in the physical space getting a chance to use our senses to touch, smell and feel sentiments and special moments. The appreciation of touch and tactility, also results in what textures and materials we are attracted to. Fluid, tactile, and modern drapery, sensual silks, soft jerseys, and powdery pastels for a chic, minimal, yet very sensual look. Long dresses that embrace the body tightly, draped as Greek goddesses and bands that bind and hold together on loose parts.

  • Sensual draping, trend article, model image
  • Sensual draping, trend article, model image


... With our waterproof jewellery. Go from the beach to the dance floor with jewellery in a simple design that can withstand water, sweat and perfume - without having to worry about the colour fading.

Sensual draping, trend article. Waterproof jewellery that goes well with this style

Jewellery that goes well with this sensual draping is our waterproof essentials – basic items that you wear day after day. Explore our Fluid series that celebrates natural shapes or choose more chunky styles for a personal look. The bigger the better. Find your favourite chunky jewellery and be sure to stand out from the crowd. A perfect contrast to the fine, sensual look.

  • Sensual draping, trend article, model image
  • Sensual draping, trend article, model image
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