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GUIDE: What Is Brass

Take a deep dive into the characteristics of brass and the advantages it offers in design. Learn more about this durable metal alloy with our comprehensive guide.
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What is Brass?

Brass has been used as a jewellery material for centuries and is still a popular choice for jewellery designers today. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and has the advantage of looking like gold, but at a much cheaper price.

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The benefits of brass

When it comes to deciding which material will provide the look and durability you desire, some people are drawn to brass. Not only does this metal shine like gold, but its solidity and reliability stands up to everyday wear and tear. Over time, its uniquel patina adds a layer of rustic elegance that can’t be reproduced with other metals. And if all that wasn’t enough brass is also relatively cheap compared to many other materials used in  jewellery pieces. With its depth of color, rustic charm and affordability you really can’t go wrong when choosing brass!

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How to take care of your brass jewellery

Have you ever considered why brass jewellery can leave a dark shadow on your skin? Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, making it prone to oxidizing as time goes by. This oxidation process can be sped up with the presence of acid, sweat and salt! It's not permanent - cleaning it off with soap and water or taking it off when you're playing sports should do the trick. That's why they say: if you want your jewellery to look shiny and new for longer, we recommend polishing brass jewellery and taking it off when you get the chance!