The Joy collection I Dansk Copenhagen

The Joy collection

The collection of Joy represents for Dansk the feeling of drifting back in time - When we as individuals and as a society was less worried and less digital minded.

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Introducing our newest design collection JOY, made from lovely, rare pearls and mixed with Enamel and Cubic Zirkonias. The material is of course waterproof and
made of hypo-allergenic stainless steel.

JOY contains beautiful freshwater pearls which makes the jewellery completely unique and personal - a timeless beauty.

But why are pearls so rare? Read more below.


Joy with Freshwater Pearls

A Pearl is born

Pearls are one of the most wanted, oldest and most spectacular gemstones in the world. They have been used as adornments for centuries and are a huge trend today.

Pearls are formed differently to most gemstones, as they’re an organic creation which is found in the sea.

Pearls are concretions of shell material formed inside the tissue of molluscs. They come from shellfish, whose characteristic feature is a soft body that is protected by a shell – for example oysters and mussels.

Pearls come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and has proven itself to be remarkably versatile when it comes to jewellery and has a fascinating history.

Jewellery with Pearls

Nice to know about pearls 💎

While pearls may appear hard and shiny, the surface of a pearl is actually quite porous. The best care you can give them is to wear them. The skin’s moisture is absorbed by the pearls, which helps to maintain the freshwater pearls natural moisture and shine.

After every wear, wipe your pearls with a soft cloth.

Last on, first off.

Store them flat

Wear your pearls often.

If pearls are not worn every four months or so, they can dry out and become dull and yellowed.

We believe that is important to give a voice to women to cultivate the driving force, innovation and desire to innovate among every woman.

We want to give women inspiration with our jewellery and believe that they can do anything. We believe in the JOY of sisterhood.creativity and hard work. We are fascinated and impressed by the huge drive and energy among a whole new generation of strong women. Women who strive to make a difference by challenging the status quo.

Read more about our sisterhood