The Collection of Hope I Dansk Copenhagen

The Collection of Hope

Hope, for new Beginnings.

Hope, to be able to keep Surprising You.
Hope, for better Work Life Balance.

Hope, to build a sustainable business
taking the best from our past and
never forget where we came from!

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Malachite Stones

If you love the color green, then the malachite stone is the perfect match for you.

It has a beautiful color and is easily spotted thanks to the instantly recognizable swirls of lighter green.

Malachite stone is a mineral that is based on copper carbonate and the green color comes from the copper oxidizing in the air because the mineral forms close to the surface of the Earth.

The stone has several healing properties and is known as a protection stone. 

HOPE with Malachite

Agate stones

Agate stone is also a beautiful stone and forms in a stone’s cavity. It happens when trapped gas creates cavities in solidified lava.

Over time mineralized water will deposit colorful layers of opal and chalcedony.

The stone helps you bring your inner self, bringing self-knowledge and personalgrowth. 

HOPE with Agate

Cubic Zirkonias

 A cubic zirconia is actually the most popular form of “zircon”, as it is not as fragile and is shinier than a natural zircon. Cubic zirconia is artificially produced and is a synthetic gemstone of zirconium oxide that has many qualities that other gemstones do not always contain.

A zircon can be helpful in achieving success and it can create harmony, develop mental abilities such as concentration and the ability to make the right decisions.

HOPE with Cubic Zirkonias