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The new roaring 20's have landed. Experience feathers, sophisticated headgear and of course - pearls. Dive into the trend here.
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Blinging 22's, trend article by Dansk Copenhagen, model image

The times we live in right now are in many ways reminiscent of the ‘20s of the last century. The 2nd industrial revolution changed the way many lived and worked. A strong women’s movement left its mark on society. At the same time, a global pandemic, the Spanish flu, and a world war had created uncertainty and fear. In the early ‘20s, people now saw a budding optimism and creativity and a strong desire to celebrate the new freedom and general progress in society.

blinging 22's, trend article by Dansk Copenhagen, model image

The fashion of the time was at once feminine and androgynous. There were lots of feathers, fringes, and pearls to decorate with. Here in 2023, there are plenty of references to the ‘20s of the last century. If you have not already seen or read THE GREAT GATSBY, do so now and allow yourself to be seduced by the festive and flamboyant style.

Dress up and avoid the Corona blues

In the blinging ’22s, embellishment is key. And we will see a lot of pearls, studs, fringes, and feathers. In the 1920s, simple but colourful jewellery was popular for daywear and elegant crystal and white pearls in the evening. The icons we will see in 2023 are likewise elegant and lots of pearls are expected as a perfect match day or night and as elegant embellishment on clothes as well as on shoes. To perfectly pair with this vibrant fashion look, we suggest exploring our Audrey series full of baroque inspired freshwater pearls and our Alaya chain line that perfectly captures the essence of the blinging 22s.

Let yourself be seduced by the flamboyant Great Gatsby style and find your favorite freshwater pearls today. Each single pearl is unique in its design.

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