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Become a DANSK Ambassador

We believe in Women. All Women. No matter size or age. We believe in being true to one-self. We belive in Joy, Hope and Girlpower. We love diversity. We believe in love to humanity. We trust. We believe in the future. 

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  • About Dansk Copenhagen

    Dansk Copenhagen is a Scandinavian jewellery brand established in 1971. The jewellery is defined as simple and minimalistic but with a little twist. We want to celebrate and give a voice to women. Women who inspire and empower other women by being trailblazers, challenging the status quo and breaking down taboos, and thereby enforcing what it can look like to be a woman in today’s world. Because when women support each other, anything can happen. We want everyone to be themselves.  

  • Being an ambassador at Dansk

    By being an ambassador at Dansk Copenhagen we offer various perks. You will get the opportunity to make giveaways and get discount codes, and you will also get the opportunity to participate at events. Furthermore,
    you will get ambassador gifts and commission deals and you will get featured on our social media.

  • What we expect from you

    We have listed things we expect to get out of our collaboration with you. We have divided our program intro three different levels. It is divided according to how many followers you have and therefore there are different requirements. It is these expectations we will have a look at when our collaboration will be revised every two months. Furthermore, we expect you to tag every picture or video with @danskcopenhagen and #danskcopenhagen.

  • Requirements and conditions

    We can terminate the collaboration before two months if you don’t live up to the expectations given or if you don’t engage or don’t post as agreed. Furthermore, we have all the rights to use and share your pictures and video whit our jewellery on.