Calm Clays, trend article from Dansk Copenhagen


This season, brown is one of the most trendy colours you can dress with. The style offers a natural and calm atmosphere that grounds us. Find inspiration here.
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Natural shades of brown have been on the horizon for a while and are finally gaining momentum. The colour brown is simple and completely down to earth, with properties such as stability, structure and support. The brown colour stands for protection and support of the family, and a sense of duty and responsibility. Brown calls for high priority and a strong need for security, and a sense of belonging to a family, as well as having lots of good friends. Brown is a sparse colour that is not associated with abundance or waste in any form. Nature has been a great attraction – not least since the corona broke out, we have found peace and recharged ourselves through authentic experiences in nature and with nature.

  • Calm clays, trend article by Dansk Copenhagen, model image
  • Calm clays, trend article by Dansk Copenhagen, model image

The colour brown grounds us and reminds us to nurture our roots as a prerequisite for growth. Combined with other colours from nature such as clay and moss, it creates calm, security, and space for contemplation in a turbulent time. In 2022, we will yearn for brown and natural colours and materials. Materials such as vegan leather and imitation suede will gain ground, but also all-natural materials such as wool and lyocell. Gold jewellery is a perfect match to the natural shades of brown and will take your outfit to the next level. Likewise, the jewellery we wear are inspired by nature – like genuine freshwater pearls and our Natasja series with cool, organic patterns.

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