Constrtuctable earrings by Dansk Copenhagen

Constructable earrings

1, 2, 3 ... Construct!

 The circular pendant can be detached from the beautiful stud, allowing you to wear the Vanity Construct Circle Dot earrings in multiple ways.

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Constructable earrings by Dansk Copenhagen; versatile styling

Versatile styling with just one pair of earrings

The constructable earrings consist of separable elements that can easily be mixed and matched, creating a unique design suitable for your individual style.

Constructable earrings. Create 3 different looks with one pair of earrings.

Discover how easily you create different looks

The constructable earrings from Dansk Copenhagen allows you to get creative and figure out which expression suits your style the best. Create three different looks with just one pair of earrings. It is easy to switch between each option, whilst being innovative and stylish.

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