Female Gamechangers by Dansk Copenhagen

Female Game Changers

We want to celebrate and give a voice to women. Women who inspire and empower other women and girls by being trailblazers, challenging the status quo and breaking down taboos, and thereby enforcing what it can look like to be a woman in today's world. Because when women support each other, anything can happen. 

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At Dansk Copenhagen, we find inspiration in diversity and believe it is the driving force for transforming hopes and dreams into reachable goals. We believe in the freedom of expression for everyone. 

Dansk Copenhagen was originally founded by a strong woman – Jette Storm. She followed her dream and reached her goal through creativity and hard work. We are fascinated and impressed by the huge drive and energy among a whole new generation of strong women. Women who strive to make a difference by challenging the status quo.

Women we Admire

We believe that it is important to give a voice to women to cultivate the driving force, innovation, and desire to innovate among every woman. We want to give women inspiration and believe that they too can make a difference, why we have created the concept 'Female Game Changers'.

Through Female Game Changers we want to invite every woman dreaming of making a difference into a community of honest conversations, exchange of experiences and celebration of empowering, creative, bold and inspiring women. We want to facilitate and support an open dialogue about being a woman, creator, and entrepreneur.

We will be dedicating a special interview once a month to a ‘Female Game Changer’, a woman who we admire. We hope you’ll help us celebrate them!

Female Gamechangers at Dansk Copenhagen, Amalie Grauengaaard and @cono_jewelry


A woman we admire. Meet Amalie Grauengaard behind the brand @cono_jewelry who is making vulvas fashionable. More precisely, she inspires women and girls to embrace and be proud of their bodies by enhancing women's natural anatomy through intimate jewellery designs.

Female Gamechangers at Dansk Copenhagen. Melissa Hartelius with @klub_venus


A woman we admire. Meet Melissa Hartelius, owner of the sexpositive vibrator boutique @klub_venus that constantly is breaking down taboos about sexuality and spreading body positivity. She wants to start an honest conversation and give everyone the courage to own their sexuality.

Female Gamechangers at Dansk Copenhagen. Meet Helene and Signe Udsen Skov and their sustainable brand @nordictwins as well as  the community for creative women @viverenordic.

@Helene.skov & @siigneskov

Women we admire. Meet Helene and Signe Udsen Skov, owners of the sustainable brand @nordictwins, where they create upcycled accessories. They have 100% dared to throw them into their passion and now they want to help other woman do the same thing through the new start-up community for creative women @viverenordic.

Female Gamechangers at Dansk Copenhagen. Meet Gry Emily Thelander and her skater community @grlsuntamed as well as her sustainable brand @shopskyandthemoon


Woman we admire. Meet Gry Emily Thelander, who has created the community @grlsuntamed and is co-owner of the sustainable brand @shopskyandthemoon. Gry Emily has a spiritual approach to life and has used this to create communities that lifts women and inspires them to feel good about themselves - both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Do you know a female game changer, we should celebrate? Give Liv a tip at lmi@danskcopenhagen.com or let us know directly on Instagram at @danskcopenhagen.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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