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The past years have been hugely challenging. Both for the individual person and for society. We have all had to adapt to the whims of the pandemic and have learned to live more divided and isolated. We have all been severely limited in our usual freedom and possibilities. The community has been in focus. But ”The community” has stood the test of time. Many people have begun to question the sacrifices that the pandemic has demanded both from the individual and from the society as a whole while concerns about the future and not at least the climate is growing right now. For many, the last few years have meant time for reflection on the life we live. Each of us find different strategies for survival in a turbulent time, and a strong polarization in society takes place right now. Many of us are driven by a dream of a simpler and more carefree life although our strategies for achieving that differ. The different strategies and the desire for a brighter future are reflected in fashion in 2022 through creative styling, print, clear colors, and a very individual expression with strong references to both the past and the future. We have gathered the strongest expressions for you to use in your shop.

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1. Comfortably back to work

After spending so much time at home during lockdown, we have become accustomed to the comfort of our home and a more comfortable style. The time at home has made many aware of what really matters in life, and we will see an even greater focus on work-home-life balance in 2022. We don’t want to be squeezed into fixed time schedules. We will see a growth in new and more flexible ways of working. Comfy wear became the big trend in 2021 and it will continue into 2022. Even when going to work we’ll dress comfortable and in a way where we can easily swift between dressing up and down, whether it is just shifting the shoes or the jewellery. Large soft jackets are combined with shorts for a more casual look. We will see hybrid solutions of soft tailoring, cosy knitwear, sensual and natural hues, and powdery pastels. The high neck is back for colder seasons. Asymmetrical cuts, soft jackets combined with bikini tops. loose ties and focus on the neck. Oversize and loose fit is key in this trend.

Our multi-styleable jewellery is tailored for easily dressing up and down. Have a look at our new SS22 collection that will take your individual style to new heights.

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In the past year and during lockdowns, where life was very much restricted to our homes and the computer as a mean to work and connect, we missed human connection, hugs, and touch. We are longing for meetings in the physical space getting a chance to use our senses to touch, smell and feel sentiments and special moments. The appreciation of touch and tactility, also results in what textures and materials we are attracted to. Fluid, tactile, and modern drapery, sensual silks, soft jerseys, and powdery pastels for a chic, minimal, yet very sensual look. Long dresses that embrace the body tightly, draped as Greek goddesses and bands that bind and hold together on loose parts.

Jewellery that goes well with this sensual draping is our waterproof essentials – basic items that you wear day after day. Choose more chunky styles for a personal look or try our Fluid series to match the unique, draped look.

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There has been a lot of talk of the metaverse, since Mark Zuckerberg betted Facebook’s future on it. It will combine our physical and digital world even more and together in gaming and in game shopping. It is the ultimate escapism into another reality. An online reality, where we choose our avatar and can be how we want to be and do whatever we feel like – almost. This ultimate fantasy does also reflect in the fashion of 2022, with lots of futuristic inspired shapes, volumes inspired by game characters from Fortnite or movies like Moonfall, Black Panther and by December 2022 Avatar 2. We will see metallic textures, new material innovations, recycled materials and biomaterials. Lots of shimmer and shine, glammed-out rhinestone excess and mesh as second skin. Knee long boots. plateaus and cat suites are mandatory. Shoulders, neck and waist will be in focus.

The jewellery will also take on imaginative dimensions and shapes that is perfectly captivated in our Vanity styles, while our Brooklyn and Björk series tap into metallic, ribbed silhouettes. The futuristic look is a perfect match with our new Tula series that combines a mix of gold and silver.

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Y2K is the shorthand term for ”the year 2000.” And in 22 we’ll see a lot of references to both the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. In an uncertain time, we turn to the past to understand the present. We look back on the ”good old days” which for many may just be the time right before the pandemic. A time when the analog was the normal, where life was more carefree and where information was something, one sought out and was not bombarded with. In these times of information clutter, we are in search of transparency. And this holds true for fashion as well. Sheer fabrics and are everywhere together with tulle, corsets, and biker jackets. Fashion reminder of Sex and the city which rolled out at HBO – And just like that. Looking back into the past, the good old times, helps us anchor in the present and feel grounded. In particularly 90s inspiration will have a big attraction with its hints to club-wear, body con dresses and jumpsuits, sexy cut outs and asymmetric necklines. Reveal to conceal in moody black and white combinations, but also fun bright colours.

The jewellery fitted to this trend is all about silver and glitter pieces. Stand out with our waterproof Lily series with crystals or our Shimmer series adorned by clear cubic zirconia stones. If you want to transcend into a 90’s look, try our Bella series with cute heart-shaped pieces.

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Dopamine dressing refers to the idea of colours as a way of enhancing our mood. Chromotherapy or colour therapy dates to ancient Egypt and has long been of interest to interior and environmental designers. For the last couple of years, colours have been on the rise in fashion. Surrounding ourselves with colours can give hope and help us dream of better days which are to come once we are on the other side of the pandemic. PINK is the ultimate colour of joy. And that’s exactly what we would love to express. We are longing for happiness and fun and for sure this colour will lift everyone’s mood. Let’s be bold, feminine, show who we are and embrace happiness. Fuchsia will lift all spirits in 2022! Mix it with other bold and expressive colours like orange and red for an individual look. WE LOVE IT. Use body-empowering pieces like bra tops, bandeaus, and cut-outs for a summerly look, and long soft coats and quilted jackets for winter seasons.

The jewellery that will match expressive colours are cool, chunky chains and big, statement ring particularly gold toned jewellery. Want to be bold then check out our Cecil Quartz jewellery in bright pink nuances for warmer, optimistic days.

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Natural shades of brown have been on the horizon for a while and are finally gaining momentum. The colour brown is simple and completely down to earth, with properties such as stability, structure and support. The brown colour stands for protection and support of the family, and a sense of duty and responsibility. Brown calls for high priority and a strong need for security, and a sense of belonging to a family, as well as having lots of good friends. Brown is a sparse colour that is not associated with abundance or waste in any form. Nature has been a great attraction – not least since the corona broke out, we have found peace and recharged ourselves through authentic experiences in nature and with nature. The colour brown grounds us and reminds us to nurture our roots as a prerequisite for growth. Combined with other colours from nature such as clay and moss, it creates calm, security, and space for contemplation in a turbulent time. In 2022, we will yearn for brown and natural colours and materials. Materials such as vegan leather and imitation suede will gain ground, but also all-natural materials such as wool and lyocell.

Gold jewellery is a perfect match to the natural shades of brown and will take your outfit to the next level. Likewise, the jewellery we wear are inspired by nature – like genuine freshwater pearls and our Natasja series with cool, organic patterns.

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The mini is back. Inspired by the ‘60s & ‘70s feminist movement. The mini was first popularized by Mary Quant who invented the mini-skirt and named it after her car a Morris Mini. Today it is a new symbol of female empowerment and an optimistic desire for a liberation from the pandemic restrictions. In 2022 we will see the mini all over and in many variants. Legs will be in focus. We’ll wear it with a jacket for a more dressed up and ready to work look, or with a knit shirt if the weather is colder. The mini can be styled in 1000 different ways. So go style it your way, while dreaming of better days to come.

Our multi-styleable jewellery fits perfect with the mini that effortlessly can be styled to suit your mood and look of the day. Choose a customizable necklace, a multi-purpose chain or an adjustable ring, so you can shine at work, meeting with friends or just dressing up at home.

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One thing which we really missed during the last couple of years is travelling to far-flung places, and it seems that this will still be the case. But in 2022 fashion will certainly help us to escape to the most beautiful beaches where worries are non-existent, and life is fun, easy and laidback. 

Voluminous silhouettes in soft cotton and knit, crinkled textures, beachcomber styles for the eco-conscious explorer or the digital nomad. If real travel is not possible, we will simply bring the beach to the city with bikinis and swimwear mixed with urban city looks. We’ll see a lot of references to nature like floral and botanical prints. Staycation is the new “thing” – exploring your nearby city or countryside like was it for the first time. Ribbons, layering clothes, loose fits and oversize dresses will make the day. Last but not least remember a nice hat, to shadow when the sun comes. 

The jewellery we would love to wear together with beach style is a major favourite of the season: waterproof essentials – or just the new go-to jewellery. Your customers can swim, sweat and sleep with the jewellery and they won’t tarnish even after days by the beach.

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The times we live in right now are in many ways reminiscent of the ‘20s of the last century. The 2nd industrial revolution changed the way many lived and worked. A strong women’s movement left its mark on society. At the same time, a global pandemic, the Spanish flu, and a world war had created uncertainty and fear. In the early ‘20s, people now saw a budding optimism and creativity and a strong desire to celebrate the new freedom and general progress in society. The fashion of the time was at once feminine and androgynous. There were lots of feathers, fringes, and pearls to decorate with. Here in 2022, there are plenty of references to the ‘20s of the last century. If you have not already seen or read THE GREAT GATSBY, do so now and allow yourself to be seduced by the festive and flamboyant style.


In the blinging ’22s, embellishment is key. And we will see a lot of pearls, studs, fringes, and feathersIn the 1920s, simple but colourful jewellery was popular for daywear and elegant crystal and white pearls in the evening. The icons we will see in 2022 are likewise elegant and lots of pearls are expected as a perfect match day or night and as elegant embellishment on clothes as well as on shoes. To perfectly pair with this vibrant fashion look, we suggest exploring our Audrey series full of baroque inspired freshwater pearls and our Alaya chain line that perfectly captures the essence of the blinging 22s.

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