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Join our Sisterhood

Dansk Copenhagen is a Scandinavian jewellery brand. The jewellery is simple and minimalistic but with a colorful touch. The jewellery represent our values. We find inspiration in diversity and believe it is the driving force for transforming hopes and dreams into reachable goals.

We believe in the freedom of expression for everyone. Our jewellery is multi-styleable and therefore you can always give your everyday life a personal touch with our jewellery.

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Our beliefs

We believe that is important to give a voice to women to cultivate the driving force, innovation and desire to innovate among every woman.

We want to give women inspiration with our jewellery and believe that they can do anything. We believe in the joy of sisterhood.creativity and hard work. We are fascinated and impressed by the huge drive and energy among a whole new generation of strong women. Women who strive to make a difference by challenging the status quo.

Sisterhood & Jewellery

Dansk Copenhagen is so much more than just a jewellery brand. Every collection has it's own story and gives you an unique design that will make you feel beautiful. In our sisterhood it is important to feel free to express yourself.

Our Collections

Each of our collections has its own story. We have designed our Hope and Joy collection that represent the joy of the little things. Furthermore it represent that there will always be hope ahead and everthing will be alright.

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