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TREND ALERT: Oversized Bangles

 Oversized bangles are all over on the fashion scene this season. Whether you want to add a stylish statement to a classic little black dress or bring some funk to your street-style look, oversized bangles take any outfit to the next level. These stunning accessories can be worn alone for impact, or layered and styled in an array of creative ways with other types of jewellery – the possibilities are truly endless!

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Scandinavian Minimalist Jewellery Design I Nordic DNA Since 1971 I Dansk Copenhagen


Oversized bangles have made a splash in the fashion world this season! These statement pieces can be seen stacked on the arms of many stylish trendsetters. Whether opting for gold or silver, they make quite an impact with any ensemble. The best part is that they are easy to style! Add one statement bangle to your wrist, stack multiple together, or even mix and match different colors – it's all up to you and your unique style! Oversized bangles are here to stay, so go ahead and try out this fashionable trend.

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Scandinavian Minimalist Jewellery Design I Nordic DNA Since 1971 I Dansk Copenhagen


Oversized Bangles are trendy pieces this season! With the right stylable bangle, or mix and match of bangles, you can easily add a touch of fashionable to your ensemble. Oversized bangles in gold or silver give you that extra sparkle no matter what outfit you pull together. In addition to their beautiful shine, they come in so many different styles. Playful bangle sets and precious metals like rose gold can upgrade any look quickly and easily with little effort.

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