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  • Tamara String Bracelet

    Tamara String Bracelet is one of our design icon and has been our best seller for years. This delicate bracelet comes in gold and silver and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Not only does it make for the perfect gift, but our customers can't seem to get enough! The Tamara String Bracelet is truly a timeless classic that our customers keep coming back for and continues to be our top choice every season.

    Tamara String Bracelet 
  • Audrey Custom Necklace

    If you're looking for the perfect jewelry piece to express your personal style, our design icon Audrey Custom Necklace is the perfect solution. Our bestseller necklace allows you to customize every detail from a variety of materials, sizes and lengths - making it uniquely yours. With so many options available, our Audrey Custom Necklace guarantees that no one else will have a necklace quite like yours. Step up your fashion game with our Audrey Custom Necklace and experience the artistry of our customizable designs.

    Audrey Custom Necklace 
  • Tara Revolve Earring

    Our stunning Tara Earrings are our design icon, with the perfect mix of sparkle and finesse. Crafted with the finest materials and set off with the perfect amount of elegance to ensure the wearer stands out in any crowd, our Tara earrings make a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. Adored by our customers, our Tara Earrings are our best seller - and it's no wonder why. With their bright colors and classic silhouettes they easily lend themselves to every look whether it’s a formal dinner or some casual street wear. Make a memorable statement and add some instant glamor to your wardrobe with our exquisite Tara Earrings today!

    Tara Revolve Earring 
  • Tara Slim Wrap It Ring

    The Tara Slim Wrap It Ring is our design icon and one of our most popular item. With a minimalist approach and an eye-catching shape, our wrap it ring has been a best seller since its release. Crafted with elegance and intricacy, this simple yet stunning ring is perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to make a statement or complement your favorite outfit, the Tara Wrap It Ring will be sure to do the trick!

    Tara Slim Wrap It Ring 

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