Find huge savings on Jewellery in our Archive Sale

To make room for new design jewelry for you, we have put our jewelry collections from previous seasons in the Archive Sale. Here you can make a bargain on stylish and elegant jewelry and save up to 50% on necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

Treat yourself or someone you love to a piece of jewelery from Dansk Copenhagen. With our large price reductions on jewelry, it is possible for you to afford more than one of our jewelry, so you are sure to come home with all your desired choices. In our jewelery sale for women at Dansk Copenhagen, you get jewelery for every occasion.

Earrings on sale

Find a large selection of silver and gold earrings on sale in our Archive Sale. In the Archive category you can find different types of earrings, by filtering by coating, stones and price range, and find earrings, hoops, hoops, chain earrings, pearl earrings and earrings with stones, perfect for everyday use or party. All our earrings are nickel free and all ear studs are made of surgical steel so you can wear them completely without the risk of allergies.

Necklaces on sale

Find your new favorite necklace on sale. We have a wide selection of necklaces at greatly reduced prices, where you will find everything from elegant and minimalist necklaces to trendy statement necklaces, chunky gold necklaces or a simple necklace with a pendant. Many of our necklaces are also adjustable and can be used to create the season's popular layering look.

Rings on sale

Explore our Archive Sale and find rings on sale from our previous seasons. Here you can find a large selection of rings in different styles and for every taste with savings of up to 50%. Many of our finger rings are adjustable to fit everyone perfectly. If you want to find your ring size, you can find help and guidance in our size guide.

Bracelet on sale

Find your new bracelet on sale in our Archive Sale with great savings. We have a large selection of gold and silver bracelets in many different styles from minimalist bracelets to expressionist statement bracelets. Use them individually, or put several together to create your personal look.