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JEWELLERY GUIDE: What Is a Cubic Zirconia?

Let us take you on a journey to discover the mesmerising gemstone, zircon! With a wide range of colours, it can be found in sedimentary rocks. Did you know it's popular for December birthstones and has a deep meaning behind it - wisdom, prosperity and self-confidence.

A popular alternative to the natural Zircon is a lab-created Cubic Zirconia stone made by a process called flame fusion. In this method, powdered carbon and silica are melted together in a platinum crucible using an oxyhydrogen flame. As the materials melt, they form liquid droplets that solidify into tiny crystals as they cool down. These crystals are then collected, cut to shape and polished to create the final gemstone. Lab-created Cubic Zirconias have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their natural counterparts, but are more affordable due to their laboratory origins.

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A natural zircona is a mineral that is made up of zirconium silicate and occurs in various colors. It is often used as a gemstone and can be found in jewelry, but its most common use is as an industrial material due to its extreme hardness. Natural zirconas can come in various colors, ranging from brilliant yellow to dark green.

Lab-made (also called synthetic or created) cz stones are engineered Zirconias with similar physical properties to natural Zircons. These stones are produced using advanced techniques and offer a more affordable alternative to natural stones. Cz stones are often colorless, but they can also be colored by adding trace metal oxides during the manufacturing process. They are extremely durable and have excellent brilliance compared to other man-made gems. While the price of lab-created cz stones will typically be lower than that of natural zirconias, the quality of the stones may be almost quite as high as those of naturally occurring ones.



What is the difference between a Cubic Zirconia and a Diamond?

Zircons and diamonds are two of the most popular gemstones on the market today. While they both have a beautiful shine and sparkle, there are distinct differences between them. A diamond is the hardest natural substance on Earth. Its strong molecular bond makes it incredibly resistant to scratching and chipping, which has made it one of the longest lasting gems. On the other hand, a zircon is relatively soft compared to a diamond, but its durability is still impressive. It's also much cheaper than diamonds and can be cut into many different shapes and sizes.

The positive side of zircons is that they often have an incredible array of colors, ranging from yellow to orange to red and even blue or purple! As well as being available in a range of colors, zircons come in spectacular clarity levels – their internal structure creates amazing flashes of light within each stone. This creates an almost magical effect that you don't get with diamonds, making each piece unique and special. Additionally, zircons are said to promote balance and harmony while bringing luck to its wearer. All in all, zircon is an excellent stone for anyone who wants something beautiful at an affordable price!

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Colors in CZ Stone are vibrant and eye-catching, with tones ranging from light pink to dark purple. From a distance, CZ Stone appears like an ordinary grayish-white stone, but as you move closer it becomes apparent that the colors in it are like swirls of paint on a canvas. The unique combination of elements found in CZ Stone give this stone its beautiful array of colors.

When cut and polished, CZ Stone reveals its amazing range of hues including blues, pinks, purples, oranges, greens and yellows. This variety provides the opportunity to use the gemstone in many different designs and applications. It is also known for having excellent clarity which brings out even more of the unique color combinations.

CZ Stone is also highly durable making it ideal for any application where durability is a must such as jewelry or home decor items. Its non-porous surface makes it easy to clean and care for while its hard quality makes it scratch resistant. This means that you can be sure your gemstone jewelry or other decorative pieces will keep their beautiful colors for years to come.

From traditional pieces to contemporary ones, CZ Stone can help bring your vision to life with its unique array of colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or something modern, let the beauty of CZ Stone bring your idea to life!


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How to storage and take care of your zircons

Keeping your zircons in a jewellery box is the best way to protect them. If you don't have a jewellery box, use the suede pouch your jewellery was delivered in.

Cleaning zircons can be done by mixing a few drops of mild detergent with a small amount of warm water and using a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away dirt. Finally, rinse off any remaining soap with warm running water for a thorough cleanse. Keeping these precautions in mind will help preserve your zircon jewellery for years to come!

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