Terms of service

Terms of service

Business and Contact Information

https://danskcopenhagen.com/ is an online shop provided by Dansk Copenhagen ApS.

Dansk Copenhagen ApS
Engtoften 38
2760 Måløv
Denmark, EU
Vat: DK43314211

Office: Mon-Fri 9-15 CEST
T: +45 45 88710881
E: customerservice@danskcopenhagen.com

Office hours: Mon-Fri between 09.00-15.00

Inquiries of a legal or corporate nature must be made by either telephone or email within the office's opening hours.

General information

Please read the Terms of service thoroughly before ordering any goods from danskcopenhagen.com.


These Terms of Service apply when interacting- or ordering products from danskcopenhagen.com and must be accepted to buy any goods, services, or engage in any marketing activities provided by danskcopenhagen.com.


Only private individuals are permitted to purchase products from danskcopenhagen.com. For any non-consumer/commercial inquiries, please refer to Customer Service.

The website danskcopenhagen.com is owned and operated by Dansk Copenhagen ApS. All names, brands, trademarks, and logos on danskcopenhagen.com are owned by Dansk Copenhagen ApS, affiliated partners, or companies. All names, brands, trademarks, and logos are copyright protected and registered trademarks. They may only be used with the explicit permission of Dansk Copenhagen ApS or the respective owners of these copyrights.

Content on danskcopenhagen.com, such as text, graphics, icons, images, videos, and sound files, is owned by Dansk Copenhagen ApS or their affiliated partners or companies. Downloading material from danskcopenhagen.com is only permitted for personal and non-commercial use and under the condition of due observance of copyright. It is not allowed to copy, distribute, or republish content from danskcopenhagen.com for public or commercial use or use the copyrighted content without the permission of Dansk Smykkekunst A/S or their affiliated partners and companies.

Third-party liability

Dansk Copenhagen ApS cannot be held responsible for content consumed by the end-user caused by visiting third-party content referenced or linked to on danskcopenhagen.com.

Definition of parties

The seller

Any references to “the seller,” “danskcopenhagen.com,” and “Dansk Copenhagen,” are all references to the legal entity Dansk Copenhagen ApS.

The buyer

Any references to “buyer” or “customer” are references to a person of legal age who voluntarily performs a purchasing action on danskcopenhagen.com.

The end-user

Any references to “end-user” or “user” are references to any person who visits danskcopenhagen.com via any browser and device.

Trade Conditions

The terms and conditions below apply to all deliveries of goods from Dansk Copenhagen ApS, Engtoften 38, 2760 Måløv, Denmark, VAT DK43314211, to any non-commercial buyers of goods from danskcopenhagen.com.

Contract signing

Once an end-user completes an ordering- and payment process on danskcopenhagen.com, the end-user per definition becomes a buyer and enters into a legally binding agreement with the seller.

Order confirmation

Once a buyer has completed the ordering and payment process on danskcopenhagen.com, the buyer will receive an email from the seller – containing order details- and delivery address - confirming that the seller has received the buyer’s order and that there has been made a financial reservation of funds from the buyer’s account, covering the total amount of the order. Once the seller has confirmed the buyer’s purchase – the seller and the buyer enter into a legally binding agreement to exchange goods for money.

The receipt for the order received immediately after your order submission does not constitute an order confirmation.

Shipment confirmation

Once an order has been packed and dispatched by the seller, the buyer receives an email confirming that the buyer’s order has been shipped to the buyer’s designated address.

Order Cancelation

Once a buyer has completed the ordering and payment process on danskcopenhagen.com, the seller immediately initiates the order's processing and shipping. During the processing and shipping of the order, the seller can take no action to hold or change the configuration of the order or shipping.

Alternative ways to cancel an order

For canceling an order, the following methods are available:

  • Refuse to accept the order at the time and location of delivery
  • Neglect to pick up the delivery from any parcel shop.
Note, once the buyer accepts the delivery, the buyer must follow the policies for return and refund to be eligible for a refund.

To return your order, please follow this link and fill out the required:


Prices, fees, and shipping

All prices on danskcopenhagen.com include Danish VAT and other duties. The applicable price is the price stated on danskcopenhagen.com for the item in question at the time of ordering.

The seller retains the right to amend prices that may be incorrectly stated on danskcopenhagen.com. Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to change prices, fees, and other costs displayed on danskcopenhagen.com.

Shipping price for orders of items on danskcopenhagen.com can be seen at the shipping and delivery. page.

Delivery and Credit Card charge

Orders placed on danskcopenhagen.com are usually processed and shipped by the seller within 1-2 working days.

Circumstances for shipping can be seen at the shipping and delivery. page. The seller retains the right to exclude persons from purchasing via danskcopenhagen.com.

Sold-out items

The seller is not obligated to supply items sold out of stock. If a customer’s order contains sold-out items, the seller reserves the right to complete the remaining order - and adjust the payment amount to match the remaining order.

Credit Card charge

Once an order has been dispatched from the seller – the seller captures the reserved payment for the order from the buyer’s account.


The seller is not liable for any delays or failures to fulfill any agreement caused by force majeure circumstances. The seller is relieved of its fulfillment obligations for as long as the force majeure situation persists. In case of financial compensation claims against the seller – the seller’s liability is limited to the amount of the order of goods of the complaint. Regarding product liability, the seller is subject to applicable local legislation.

Gift card

When the buyer buys or uses a gift card on danskcopenhagen.com, the buyer accepts the applicable conditions.


No form of discount can be utilized for buying gift cards on danskcopenhagen.com.