Refund policy

Return Policy

Right to return

It is a buyer’s right to cancel the agreement without explanation if the goods are returned within 30 calendar days from receiving the goods.

Return deadline

Suppose the final day for exercising the right to order cancellation falls on a holiday, Saturday, Sunday, Constitution Day (Denmark), December 24th, December 31st, or January 1st. In that case, the deadline will expire on the following working day. The deadline will be considered met if the buyer notifies the seller of the buyer’s intention to exercise the right of return before the deadline has expired.

Returning goods

How to return items

If the buyer has received any goods or set of goods that the buyer wishes to return to the seller, the buyer must fill out the below link for receiving a returnlabel, and then the items must be returned in the original packaging.

The buyer must return the goods to Dansk Copenhagen ApS no later than 30 calendar days from when the buyer has notified the seller that the buyer exercises the right to return. The return is considered timely if the item is submitted for postal delivery or another form of delivery service responsible for delivering the goods to the seller before the expiry of the 30 days.

The seller will carry out the payment return using the same payment method the buyer used for the original transaction and the parcel will be send to the seller’s address. The seller does not accept packages delivered to a post office or parcel shop. All goods must be returned to Parcel Feeder / CC: Dansk Copenhagen ApS, Midtager 29, Port C, 2605 Brøndby, Denmark, Europe. 

To return your order, please follow this link and fill out the required:


Exchange of goods

If the buyer wishes to exchange items bought, the buyer must place a new order for the new items and return the goods the buyer wishes to trade, in compliance with the seller’s return policies.

Refund Policy

Return of payment

In the case where the buyer exercises the right to return. The seller must refund all payments made by the buyer (including the delivery costs) - no later than 14 days from the date the seller receives the notification of the buyer’s decision to cancel the agreement.

The seller will carry out the payment return using the same payment method the buyer used for the original transaction - unless the buyer expressly requests otherwise. The buyer will not be subject to any charges regarding the repayment in any circumstance. The seller may withhold a refund until receiving the returned goods or until the buyer has presented documentation for the return of the goods, whichever comes first.

Right of complaint

Guidelines and requirements for complaints.

Reporting defective goods

In compliance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act, the seller provides a 24-month warranty on all items. The right to claim compensation means that the buyer may complain about errors and defects to the goods within 24 months of purchase. The buyer must claim within a reasonable period after which such an error or defect has or should have been noted. If the buyer’s claim is upheld, the seller repays freight charges in the sum of applicable rates, which the buyer may have incurred in returning the item.

The buyer's liability is limited to any impairment of the goods’ value due to a handling that is more than is required to determine the item’s type, qualities, or manner of function. The buyer can claim by sending the returns form with the applicable return grounds code as well as the defective item to the seller’s address:

Parcel Feeder A/S
CC: Dansk Copenhagen
Midtager 29, Port C
2605 Brøndby
Denmark, Europe

Information about the appeals authority.

Any wish to complain about an item purchased on can be submitted to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's Center for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, Denmark. View more at

You can also utilize the European Commission's online complaints portal to submit your complaint. The EU Commission's complaints portal is particularly relevant if you as a consumer live in an EU country other than Denmark. Submit complaints at - When submitting a complaint, you must state our e-mail address

Further information regarding guidelines is available at